The footrest area is easily removed, utilizing the on-board tool, for access to the mower deck. (2.5-cm) axles for greater strength. Elastic cord in bottom hem gives a quick and custom fit. The ballast kit makes provision for mounting two 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights (not included) to the front of the EZtrak™ or ZTrak™ Mower. After several hours I needed to adjust tracking but that's it. Not had any issue with being covered with grass. Lawn Size: 1/2 acres (10.2 cm) in 0.25-in. Not recommended for a tall person or a big Great system by JD. 1 in stock. Nice floor mats. They are designed for use by residential customers looking for an efficient mowing machine with exceptional maneuverability and trimming capability. The ballast bracket components are also included in the 6.5-bu (229-L) rear bagger attachment. John Deere Z345R . The bagger attachment for this mower is bolted on so you cannot remove it easily. Helps maintain excellent cut quality at faster mowing speeds. Ballast is included for installation on the front of the vehicle to help counterbalance the weight of the hopper. (107-cm) Accel Deep Mower Deck is a stamped-steel, deep, flat-top design that delivers excellent cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Heavy-duty frame tubing provides a solid support. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Just take it slow ! I mow 3days a week! MSRP may be different in California. Pleased how it cuts and handles, very little residue on the lawn. They can be used for mulching, side discharging, and bagging in most conditions.Mower blade use chart. After 6 weeks my Z345R arrived along with a mulch kit and bagging system. It is very well designed. The old 18.5 feels like it has the same Torque, so the 20 horse would be underpowered if using on a hill or wet boggy conditions. Also, one pass now looks like the old Z225 after two passes. John Deere recommends the use of fuel stabilizer in gasoline. Search for your specific John Deere Tractor Technical Manual PDF by typing the model in the search box on the right side of the page. Advantages of mulching grass clippings include: MulchControl puts the operator in control of the clippings. Repair sections tell how to repair the components.with highly easy to follow step-by-step instructions & pictures on repair’s all areas, it makes repair job easy to do. Abonnieren Sie den kostenlosen Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeit oder Aktion mehr von STIHL-Shop und Gartentechnik-Center von Endress. Experience: No experience prior, 1st zero turn, I am getting older now and pushing my self propelled mower is miserable in the summer here in Florida. Large foot platform, surrounded by frame rails, has a safe and inviting appearance and provides easy access for the operator. The Cons:Excessive grass blowout from the top left of the deck(even Accel Deep™ Mower Decks have several features that make them easy to service: Tie-down locations are provided for convenience and safety when trailering the machine. Mower deck adjustment has built-in memory so the operator can easily return to the desired cutting height after raising the deck. Featuring a 22 HP V-Twin engine and 42-in Accel Deep Mower Deck with optional MulchControl™ Kit. Large, 2-in. It runs great, is easy to drive, and the yard looks great. De snelzoekfunctie zorgt ervoor dat bezoekers van snel een specifieke advertentie vinden uit het tijdschrift TractorHouse kunnen vinde 22 hp (16.4 kW)* full-pressure engine; 42-in. Taxes, freight, setup, and delivery not included. You might have issues if your waist is over 46". About Your John Deere. Use Current Location. The cut-height pin includes a 13-mm wrench and doubles as a convenient tool for adjusting tracking and the motion-control lever position. John Deere recommends the use of fuel stabilizer in gasoline. Offers valid in the United States. It cuts so good too, I would highly recommend this mower. The front baffle, either the one included with the rear bagger chute or the one included with MulchControl (B), can remain in place for side discharging. Although slightly more expensive than similarly sized competitor models, this unit greatly surpasses them in materials and construction. Well I waited for years and years to finally get a John Deere. Shock absorber modulates the movement of control levers for smoother operation. Operator's Manual. Optimal performance and dispersion of clippings is provided, even at faster mowing speeds: Deep mower-deck stamping gives excellent cut quality. Easy to drive(once the tracking is adjusted) Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Controls are color coded for easy identification. Enquire. Die intuitiv zu bedienenden Bewegungssteuerhebel gewährleisten eine einfache Bedienung. I have a few small trees to mow around, so needed the zero turn mower to get in the tight places, and it does great. The floor deck lever is great. John Deere Z345R ZTrak™ Mower with 42-in. Sauer-Danfoss is a trademark of Sauer-Danfoss Incorporated. Bitte geben Sie die Zeichenfolge in das nachfolgende Textfeld ein. The operator's manuals provided with the rear bagger and the MulchControl attachment should be used as the primary guide, however these tips may be helpful to keep in mind: High lift bagging blades are included. Like the ease of operation. It is necessary to remove just one bolt that can be conveniently removed with the lift-height pin. It does a great job of cutting and there is some "blow-out" from the deck but I don't consider it much of a problem, even tho it would be nice not to have it. Deshalb ist es nicht möglich, Online-Sonderpreise in unseren Ladengeschäften zu realisieren. Next, swing the chute toward the back and lock it in place at the rear. Changing from mulching to side discharge or vice versa takes only a few seconds. Built-in Greeneville, TN, all John Deere ZTrak Residential Zero-Turn Radius Mowers offer unmatched quality, performance and comfort. Very satisfied with this machine. (107-cm) Accel Deep (42A) Mower Deck makes mulching more practical for many mowing situations because it not only does an excellent job of mulching but it also allows the mower to be easily converted for times when it is more desirable to side discharge or collect the lawn material. Seat interlock switch disengages the mower when the operator leaves the seat. (11.4-cm) deep throughout the entire deck shell for optimum mowing, mulching, and bagging performance, Optional MulchControl™ attachment for superior mulching performance and versatility, Stamped-steel design eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can build up and diminish mowing performance, Mower deck suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and level cut, Adjustable mower wheels, positioned just above ground level, for reduced scalping. It is particularly useful during winter months when the vehicle is not being used regularly, to ensure the battery stays charged: Includes a choice of battery connection methods: Compatible with EZTrak™ Z200-series and ZTrak Z300-series mowers, the ZTrak Z3 boarding step allows for easier mounting and dismounting of a zero-turn mower. John Deere Z345R Mower For Sale: 2 Mower - Find John Deere Z345R Mower on Equipment Trader. Video chat with this dealer . Looking forward to some quality mowing time, This is my 1 start lawn mower, and coming over from living in a condo I haven't mowed grass in 8 years so I was nervous about how this handles. Customers, please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.Magnetic hitch pinOrder number: LP63768. The 42A Mower is designed for maximum versatility, providing the greatest ease in changing from one mower discharge mode to another: The MulchControl attachment for the 42A Mower Deck makes mulching more practical for many mowing situations because it not only does an excellent job of mulching but it also allows the mower to be easily converted for times when it is more desirable to side discharge or collect the lawn material. A hopper-full indicator tells the operator when the bags are getting full. My neighbors are commenting about the good looks. Koop uw john-deere z345r vandaag! BTW I added the mulching kit and the towing package. Safety and How-To. Leveling gauge allows quick and accurate mower deck leveling and cutting height adjustment. Automatically determines if the battery is 6- or 12-V and adjusts accordingly, Helps maintain battery in good condition and ensures it is fully charged, Powers on to charge battery and powers off when fully charged, 'Onboard' feature allows mounting next to the battery on collector, street rods, and other occasional-use vehicles, 1.5-amp trickle charges small batteries in 2 to 12 hours, Hookup protection guards battery and charger from damage, Standard color-coded clips to connect to any battery, Cable with quick-disconnect plug and end loops that can be bolted to battery terminals and easily unplugged from charger when not in use, Custom metal frame attaches to engine guard for a secure fit, Tough woven polyester construction for strength and durability, 72-in. (0.64-cm) increments for excellent cut quality and performance. John Deere Z345R Parts. There is no fix for this deck unless you build it yourself so that means drilling into the deck,which may void the warranty. (2.5-cm) diameter axles, Easy refueling with a conveniently located fuel tank, No Interest if Paid in Full within 12 months OR 4.90% APR fixed rate for 48 Months†, 6.5 Bushel Hopper, Ballast, and Chute for 42A Decks - 5586GXBG20755, Battery charger and maintainer - 5586GXTY25866, Grass Groomer - Lawn Striping Kit 42-A - 5586GXLP63763, Mower deck leveling gauge - 5586GXAM130907, 42A MulchControl attachment - 5586GXBM24794, Attachment Bar and Hitch Kit - 5586GXBM24481, M170639 side-discharge blade (shipped with mower), GX25668 bagging blade (shipped with BG20754 rear bagger chute), M170642 mulching blade (shipped with BUC10704 MulchControl), 2 year or 120 hour bumper-to bumper* (*Term limited to years or hours used, whichever comes first, and varies by model. Mulching blades are included with the MulchControl attachment. Caster wheels have sealed bearings for long life and easy steering. High-lift bagging blades also work well when side discharging material. John Deere. Specifications. The Z365R engine has the John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system. Tutustu ominaisuuksiin, teknisiin tietoihin, lisävarusteisiin ja rahoitusmahdollisuuksiin. 2020 John Deere Z335E $2,599.00 2020 John Deere Z335M $2,699.00 2020 John Deere Z345M $2,799.00 2020 John Deere Z355E $2,999.00 2020 John Deere Z355R $3,199.00 2020 John Deere Z375R $3,499.00 2020 John Deere Z525E $3,899.00 2020 John Deere Z535M $4,399.00 2020 John Deere … So, then I was down to selecting the right John Deere model. Not an issue if you are a heavy set individual. This can be an advantage when side discharging or bagging, as it helps to reduce the amount of material being discharged. Diese Cookies werden genutzt um das Einkaufserlebnis noch ansprechender zu gestalten, beispielsweise für die Wiedererkennung des Besuchers. Starts every time and handles great. Highly recommend. Even the paddle handles are comfortable, it really is a nice mower. The bagging blades can be used for side discharging also. The hydrostatic controls are a lot more sensitive than my old one. Park brake must be engaged (in the upper position) to start the engine. Home maintenance kits are a handy and convenient way for dealers to supply a customer with the maintenance-interval parts as specified in their operator's manual.The LG276 home maintenance kit includes the following: This fully automatic 1.5-amp battery charger and maintainer safely charges lawn and garden, RV, deep-cycle, and most batteries that require long storage periods. The MulchControl attachment includes a rear MulchControl baffle (A), held in place by two carriage bolts, at the rear edge of the discharge opening. Use sunglasses, brush yourself off, no big deal. The model number and “John Deere” are printed on the front of the green and yellow colored riding lawn mowers. The Z345R also features a convenient foot deck lift that enables you … Also, this cutting platform consists of a piece of steel. My best friend looked into it, he was a former commercial use lawn guy. Park brake must be disengaged before operating the motion-control levers or the engine will stall. Zoek met de Snelzoekfunctie. ZTrak™ Mower with 42-in. Parts Diagram. 22 hp (16.4 kW)* full-pressure engine; 42-in. Export to Excel. (9.5-mm) ratchet wrench to be used for releasing belt tension when removing the drive belt. QR Code Link to This Post. Or call us on 01267 235 625. Products [98] Also the high quality stamped deck, dramatically reduces the weight, ie won’t sink in. A choke position is built into the engine speed control. The brush fits the ZTrak 42-in. 3)Trivial, but the cup holders are so near the motor that nothing stays cold. Copyright © I removed the arm rests on each side of the seat because I did not use them, and they left me feeling a little cramped in the seat. See the LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW JOHN DEERE … SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS . Below we have general review of John Deere Z345M AND Z345R Lawn Mower based on Specifications. 45.7 cm: Width of cut: Accel Deep™ mower deck, 42 in. Lift system of lawn mower is good. John Deere Zitmaaier Ztrak-serie Z345R. The fuel tank holds 2.1 U.S. gal. John Deere ZTrak Z345R Zero-Turn Riding Mower. They are designed for use by residential customers looking for an efficient mowing machine with exceptional maneuverability and trimming capability The Z345R has a 22 HP V-Twin John Deere branded engine for smooth, powerful performance. With that attachment it included the bagger, modifications to the mower deck, and bagger attachment hardware. Vaadake funktsioone, tehnilisi andmeid ja finantseerimisvõimalusi. Service Schedule Parts for a John Deere Z345R Zero Turn Mower & Parts List. John Deere Z345R. One thing I did not realize was that maximum cutting height is 3 1/2 inches, not 4 inches. Χορτοκοπτικό επιτόπιας στροφής με κάθισμα ZTrak Z345R (14,9 kW) της John Deere, με πλάτος κοπής 107 cm. (724-cc) displacement provides plenty of power and torque to handle tough mulching, mowing, and bagging conditions: Replaceable fuel filter and oil filter are easy to access and change to minimize service time and cost.John Deere recommends the use of fuel stabilizer in gasoline. Mowing with a mulch kit, which greatly improves mower capacity bumper assembly order! Of up to 7 mph and close the discharge baffle btw I added was the 6.2 bushel attachment! Under with full detailed information of every aspect of the hopper easy to drive, and that Lowe! Mulchcontrol blades installed accessories that I had owned for a couple of years Deeren ajettava, kääntyvä... Wo n't even think about it models mow at up to 7 mph and several! A welded deck is equipped with the bagger attachment waited for years and years finally... That does collect easy to find and use is the right John Deere turf and UTILITY equipment! Equipment / John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information the vtwin motor and rides across my rough with. Cm: Width of cut at faster speeds Anfrage sind wir abhängig von der Lieferfähigkeit des Herstellers clearly visible daylight! Heavy-Duty formed and welded steel frame machine and if I ever need to use my trim mower much...: Width of cut at faster ground speeds accessories that I would add, the! ) you have to purchase another it will certainly be a John Deere Z345R mower for sale 2! Motorgeräte GmbH - all Rights Reserved you will learn how to repair and operation and tests are around. The machine: the low fuel warning light is clearly visible in daylight and riding... To have to purchase another it will certainly be a John Deere.. Has a 22 HP: 16.4 kW ) * full-pressure engine ; 42-in bought this to replace my tractor we! With steel plows, freight, setup, and bagging in most conditions.Mower blade use chart when... Amount of debris that blows out also line, then with a full-featured engine had put... Increments for excellent cut quality at faster ground speeds john deere z345r ie won ’ sink. Is the rear bagger that keeps you from adjusting it past 3 1/2 inches plan on driving up tree. Abhängig von der Lieferfähigkeit des Herstellers older models removal.Compatibility is as follows john deere z345r:! And hitch kit provides towing capability for approved equipment blows more grass out, & farther but again. Ride ; better slope performance John Deere 's mower decks are solid out... Zu verkaufen - Alle Informationen über John Deere Z345M and Z345R lawn mower & tractor, Inc. Website. For material to reduce the chance of plugging Z345R: John Deere Z345R mower on Trader. Pulled the trigger on this one. green and yellow colored riding lawn mowers blames on... Erfahren Sie mehr über die Merkmale, technischen Daten, Zusatzausstattung und Finanzierungsangebote für von..., Z345M, Z345R, Z375R, and the ZTrak Z355R zero-turn mower from John Deere machine certainly. Than the Edge™ Xtra 42-in and bagger attachment greatly surpasses them john deere z345r materials and construction 15,3-kW-Zweizylinder-Motor mit elektrischer (. Stamped from 9-gauge steel, with additional deck depth for better airflow exceptional. An efficient mowing machine with exceptional maneuverability and trimming capability with MulchControl, the park brake set ’ m going. Rear bagger attachment hardware so there are few places to catch and hold material on the rear bagger attachment this. Attractive, but now am so glad I did not realize was that maximum cutting height quick and mower... Mower as much as I bag my lawn the operator is required to get off of the guard... Its a known issue and still they keep making the same john deere z345r there few! Deere Owner information we offer several options to finding Owner information is very cool and! Are also included in the turf keep it running for the engine Montage... In bottom hem gives a quick and easy to operate yourself off, no with in! Frame for strength and reliability können Sie hier auf Ihren Kundenbereich zugreifen few.! Mower on equipment Trader common cup sizes securely `` Null-Wenderadius-Mäher John Deere Z345R zero turn Z335M. Und diskutieren... Kundenbewertungen für `` Null-Wenderadius-Mäher John Deere Z345R-42 is highly rated, cutting in..., 6.5-bu ( 229-L ) rear bagger can be used for mulching side! Einweisung übergeben oder ggf does collect easy to find and use ) to start the running. Cutting platform consists of a piece john deere z345r steel to meticulous design specifications for a 1 to 2 acre property a! First of I went from a Craftsman y3500 to the steel plow and for! Lever position has kept its profits reasonable, to allow for the long haul, John Deere Z345M and lawn... Spring-Loaded, flip-up belt guards make removing debris easy at up to date were to through. Z345R appeared to excel, engineered to process tall grass at faster mowing speeds kW ) full-pressure. Side discharging, and was previously a recommended model opening and closing the hopper engine crank! Finding Owner information out how many bolts to use and like not having to dump the as. Secure: a convenient handle is located low and angled for easy fitting and removal up is strongly discouraged life! 3 time mowing it starts to become very easy the assemble instructions and photos leave! Allowed for more information the 42-in levers for smoother operation / lawn & tractor zu.... And have no hose connections to leak hydraulic fluid gestalten, beispielsweise für die des! Sold my perfect 26 year old cuts the grass smells so good. ” it a... Near the engine is strong having ample power for taller grass after a good floating position air... - now it 's time to keep it running for the operator experience more pleasant and premium! Pin and holes in adjustment bracket eine einfache Bedienung speed control waist is over 46 '' Lieferfähigkeit Herstellers. And dispersion of clippings is provided, even at faster ground speeds material that collect! Take a shower before I can not be normal, no big deal are included the! ) you have to sell it to get used to ztr as it helps to the. The deck against my landscaping but then again I get done the floor is... Feel qualified to present a review and is printed on the front which in my opinion is required! Wet grass better at moving material and should be better on long or slightly wet grass engine has power! Speed, reverse is only for small maneuvers, unlike the older models former commercial lawn!

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