The WD hard drive is not encrypted? The Western Digital Drive Format Utility is not designed to protect your information from harmful threats such as online viruses. Here's how to reformat your drive so it can be read by and Mac or a PC. It happens to WD My passport, WD My Book, WD Elements and Easystore, etc. If you are one of those who are wondering: You are in the right place to make the WD hard drive recognized by: The process of Mac recognizing an external hard drive is a little complicated even though you can't see it. Here are some possible reasons: Run commands listed below: list disk. WD Security Enter an incorrect password five times in a row. If you’re one of those having problems with your WD Elements drive working and then not. Before that, it's necessary to recover lost data from unrecognized WD hard drive with free hard drive data recovery software for Mac, like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, to avoid data loss. Erase deletes all the data stored on the drive. 2. Click on the "Erase" tab which is among the tabs on the top. Case 1: I have a WD My Passport portable USB hard drive which one of my computers can't detect when plugged in. I have a WD passport that won’t open! While your Seagate, Western Digital, PS4, or Buffalo external hard drive connected to the Windows or Mac computer, the device did not show up. This data recovery software can recover lost data when hard drive is unrecognized, unmountable, unreadable, corrupted on Mac. Installation was not able to complete. (Restore allows you to erase the contents of the drive and replace that with data from somewhere else. This just leaves us with one option to explain why this SATA drive "didn't work" with your Mac Pro: It was DOA. When I charged up my Mac again it says that the disk was not … In addition to buttons getting stuck, drives may also stop working because of power problems and connection problems. Apparently most drive issues are caused when the disk is removed without ejecting it properly. Much like my WD My Passport Ultra, most external hard drives out there are customized to work with Windows, not OS X. Choose your format, probably exFAT if you want to make sure it's compatible with PC and Mac, otherwise, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) is probably the best option. Said drive would spin up and powerup but not pass on one Mac but would on others. on a Windows PC). Look in the column on the left to see if the hard drive appears there. Or else the external hard drive would not even show up in Disk Utility. Try another port on your Mac. This article assumes you have an external drive that connects to your Mac via the USB-A, USB-C, or a Thunderbolt port. Click on Finder in the menu at the top of your screen. Ever since then, it's not showing up on my desktop or disk utility. Click on the "Erase" tab which is among the tabs on the top. Step 2. It is possible that the hard drive has been formatted using a different file system (i.e. I have tried to connect with other cables too, its not working. By WD Security for Mac. The problem might be with the cable though. When I push it, I get into a folder. I'm so confused why this WD ATA Hard Drive is not working on my Mac Pro. Try the following to make sure your Mac is set to show mounted drives on the desktop. If you’re only going to use the external hard drive with Macs or … So, we usually simplify this process in 4 steps: However, if any part of this process goes wrong, hard drive problems like Mac won't recognize your WD hard drive would occur. what if a hard drive (WD. Step 2. Home. If a WD hard drive won't work normally on a Mac due to bad sectors or other parameter errors, you can download WD Drive Utilities for Mac to have a diagnosis of what happens to your hard drive. If the external hard drive connected to your Mac is still not showing up in Finder but visible in Disk Utility, it might not be necessarily mounted. 1. If WD external hard drive won’t format problem is not related to write protection, you can clean it and create new partition. Find Disk Utility by opening Spotlight (cmd+Space-bar) and start typing Disk Utility, press enter to open the program. We need to take advantage of some tools for further check. Product Firmware Product * If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. You need to select this corrupted WD hard drive and then click the "Scan" button to scan for data on this drive. If it was already set up so that the external drive would appear on the desktop then continue to follow the steps below. Users explained that WD External Hard Drive suddenly stop working on their PC, but the light is blinking. Possible Reasons Why WD My Passport Does Not Work on Mac. 2. Go to Diskpart. If the various checks above suggest that the disk is faulty then you can use Apple’s Disk Utility program to access the disk and potentially fix whatever is causing the issue. El Capitan OS X set up Western Digital. Important Note: Formatting the Western Digital (WD) hard drive is another option to retrieve the lost data from an inaccessible Western Digital drive. 4. Stay in the Disk Utility window, follow the easy steps to finish fixing the not showing up WD external hard drive. Install WD Discovery for Mac. WD Drive Utilities for Mac is a specialized utility for WD hard drives to run drive diagnostics (fix potential drive failures, slow disk performance, and bad sectors), Manage RAID configuration (For RAID supported models), Erase and format WD hard drives, etc. If the WD external hard drive cannot be detected or fails to show up in your PC, please change the USB port (You may try to connect the external hard drive to the motherboard), or connect it with another new USB cable to see whether it shows up in the PC. Besides, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can recover lost data from Macintosh hard drive, USB drives, Pen drives, SD cards, memory cards, CF cards as well as other storage devices. So, go on and follow the 3 steps below to get back data on a Mac. Input a name, format (exFAT is recommend for cross-platform users) and scheme. As a consequence, you can't access, copy, write to or transfer data stored on it. Having got the data of the drive via a PC you can reformat the drive so that you can add the data again. WD Drive Utilities only supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Select the top-most item bearing the name of the external drive, not any of the partitions listed below the name of the external drive. However, Disk Utility might prompt you to erase the drive, which will remove all drive’s content. It was working fine till now, but all of the sudden the hard disk is not getting recognised in my mac. The app that helps Mac OS to write to NTFS drives as naturally one can only read but not write to NTFS formatted drives on Mac.
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