This is actually a 3rd party LAN/WAN manager that is installed as part of Dragon Master. It's not idle at all, always try to do something. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Each time I'm rebooting the PC however it seems to forget it's settings and seems to not stick to the same scenario.. Not sure why this is happening, it's very frustrating.. Untitled: Apr 12, 2020 3:44 PM.webm - Google Drive  please see here a video of how the core speed and multiplier change very second (this is idle).. the fan's going nuts which makes me go nuts! This website uses cookies. Reinstalled stock cooler. Then the idle temp is all right. Boot to windows and I now idle at 75c. Now with 3700x with x570 in manual overclock this does not happen. Edit: I know everything is fine if I leave the idle voltage at 1.4-1.5V. Image 3 of 10. /r/AMD is community run and does not represent AMD in any capacity unless specified. I have combed through the bios and there isnt anything out of order or set incorrectly. CPUz told me my voltage was stuck at 1.25 volts... there was no powering down happening when the system was idle. The best CPUs are not supposed to do that. Googling cfosspeed will give you more info if you need it. NEW! Temp/voltage on Matisse (desktop Zen2) needs to be viewed in light of current draw. reinstall it all and test please. I just want stability and I hope this will get it. Unfortunately the fans going up and down all the time seems to be a norm now and affects a number of people depending on what board they use, only solution is to use an AIO which i highly recomend you do anyway cause the stock Prism cooler just isn't very good for the 3900x especially if you dont have or use regular AC in the room. Re: Ryzen 3900X Temperature and Voltage Problem in idel. Not a single setting. After a few days of over clocking and testing limits I had to do a cmos reset by way of the cmos reset button on the back of the rear io. Ryzen 3xxx CPUs tend to run at veery high voltage even on idle. user windows Balanced Power plan. Discussion. And secondly under load (if I apply manual OC) my CPU pulls 180W-200W (AVX) and the Noctua can't keep the temps under 95°C, but I have read that this Noctua has a TDP of 220-250W so it should keep it at 90°C or below right? Ryzen Master, CPUZ, HWMonitor, the voltages were consistently staying above 1.4 and upto 1.5 while rarely dipping into the 1.3 range. Cinebench at 80° is not out of ordinary (on my system I reach 78°). Or you are. Keep in mind that AVX is the worst case possible for any CPU. I am going to bet every single person reporting these issues has done at least 1 cmos reset. It's not idle at all, always try to do something. The Temps with my Noctua: At Idle (with the 40W) my temps never go below 45°C (Room Temp 21°C), is that okay? But not THAT better as your old buddy i5. I have just bought the Kraken X72 as it was on offer and I've had my eyes on it for a while now. idle 39c max for 3 hours boot to windows and idle at 42 to 45 c @ 1-3 % cpu usage. Most current benchmark/monitoring apps actually put enough load on the CPU to raise the cores from sleep / idle. windows updates all completed. and, through everything under the sun and the kitchen effect. Untitled: Apr 12, 2020 3:44 PM.webm - Google Drive, Might want to check for whatever background activity is causing that and if you can't find any process/service that's causing it then it must be some drivers that are causing it in your system cause I have seen something similar to it happen on another system of mine just this January (high cpu usage at idle but normal cpu usage after waking up from sleep) found out that it was actually caused by a combination of the wireless drivers and the new windows update, uninstalling the wireless drivers solved the problem, and it seems that I'm not the only one that's had that happen to after updating windows, Microsoft seems to be aware of the problem and has since released bug fixes for it but I'm still seeing people reporting about it even now. I lowered his to 1.25v as well and idle and load temps dropped significantly with the stock Wraith Prism. Thanks. Only CPU-Z and Ryzen Master (that's 1 complicated program). Maybe your W10 is stressing it with background updates/tasks. boot to windows and idle at 42 to 45 c @ 1-3 % cpu usage. Or you can say AMD has a different definition of IDLE than Intel. This is with my ac running and it's 68 degrees outside. Also, don't bother updating chipset drivers using dragon center, its usually out of date and may cause you problems down the line if it starts installing old drivers on top of new ones which I've actually seen happen with an older version of dragon center before. Low 50s on idle. Ryzen 3900X Idle Power Consumption, Voltage, and Clocks. Would Also recomend you uninstall dragon center, have had issues with it in the past that was causing high cpu usage while idle on my 3900x plus it would install something called cFospeed which is part dragon centers network speed management which you dont really need and people have had connectivity issues with in the past, not to mention it would sometimes remain installed in your system even after uninstalling Dragon center (you can usually find it using windows program uninstall but there have been cases of it not beeing listed there but can still be seen as a process/service running in the background). And everything is still stable. using hwinfo64, what kind of temps and voltages are you getting while idle? Thanks a lot, I was just wondering because all the reviewers praised it for its low power consumption. do you see the voltage and frequency fluctuate? Or you can say AMD has a different definition of IDLE than Intel. Is the fan curve set to "silent" or some such? Ryzen 3900X Temperature and Voltage Problem in ide... Hi,  Good tip on cfosspeed. That seems very high to me, I come from an 45W i5, which obviously had a lot less power but IDLE'd at 5-10W. Bios needed a battery pull to clear microcode. Can someone help me? My AIO runs at 50% RPM normally so it keeps the temps down and my coolant temp around 25-26C with ambient around 21-22C. Okay good to know! Running an undervolt of 0.0750v-0.1000v only drops my max clockspeed by literally 50MHz but significantly reduces the voltage and heat running through the chip. No apps or games at all. Something is causing these cpu's to super heat after a cmos reset. Image 1 of 10. What ever it is. it degraded so bad after 10 or so days it was unusable. I believe the cmos reset button process is broken. I'm not sure if this is due to the windows balance energy cycle, or the AMD chipset drivers via Dragon Center. nothing special here. Hi,  Good tip on cfosspeed. What I don't understand is why this is happening now after 4-5 months of using it.. Set BIOS voltages to their default or Auto values, except those voltage domains that are adjusted by your memory's XMP profile; 4. keep your chipset software, Windows version (1903 recommended), and motherboard BIOS version up to date; and 5. don't worry if you don't see <0.5 V values, <1 V is the desired idle … I don't buy it. My 3900x was getting fairly low benchmark scores at stock settings, ~6700-6800 in Cinebench R20. I've decided to publish the Windows power plan I use on my 3900X. I set it to be disabled on startup as it is not required (bloatware) and in fact may slow down your internet speed in some cases. After changing it to Voltage Offset -0,200 the temperatures are now about 30C in Idle. your idle temps are actually in line whith what your gonna get when using the stock prism cooler that came with the 3900x, also the clock speeds jumping up and down like that every second in cpuz is normal and if you look at RyzenMaster (which show you the avg clocks) it never really stays at a sustained 4ghz+ clocks for very long. 7 Posts #2 • 2 mo ago. Hi. do a cmos reset, then pull battery, then verify cpu temp in bios before and after. In Dragon Center (there's a section for drivers) and it was showing the AMD chipset drivers.. Please help as this is driving me insane! In a screenshot shared on Reddit, Hallock showed that when twiddling its thumbs, a Ryzen 9 3900X can drop its voltages well below 0.4 V. Image 8 of 10. Removing services like this will help increase your benchmarking performance - I get 30-50 more in Cinebench R20 when I strip all possible services from my 3900x. In R20 it will climb to around 71C with my AIO and all cooling fans at 100% RPM at that temp. Played CoD warzone and the temp went up to 95 degrees! max temp recorded is 78.8c and I have done nothing but write this post. Log In Sign Up. again nothing special config wise. This is actually a 3. cfosspeed will give you more info if you need it. The computer was idle and no updates were being installed. I would lower your offset a little bit ( maybe at -0.0725 V) because in my opinion you are slightly reducing performance with -0.1 V, but don’t worry about voltage. If current draw (and by logical extension, power draw) are low during these voltage/temperature spikes during low periods of activity (idle, or close to it), then the spikes are largely irrelevant. However sometimes out of nowhere it would go up to 95 degrees and at some point shut the pc down with the message, CPU overheating. reboot back to bios. My friends TUF X570 3900X setup was the same high temps with high core voltage stock. If at all  possible, download and install your drivers one at a time while constantly monitoring for any strange system behaviour, makes it easier to notice if a driver you just installed is causing you problems. Just a quick video of some of the issues that I faced when doing this build. with AC on at 68 degrees outside with windows open with good air flow. Tried all auto vs 4.0 g all core. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I guess from the 14nm chiplet..? Removing services like this will help increase your benchmarking performance - I get 30-50 more in Cinebench R20 when I strip all possible services from my 3900x. SOP as it should be. Almost started taking the cooler off but this may have saved me from the hassle. Image 5 of 10. CPU idle usage is between 1-3 % max. Since I have a vertical mount 1080 TI I have not pulled cpu and cmos battery yet. When I turned it back on, CPU was stable, Voltage was stable, and with that the Fans were stable.. Also now as I'm typing this message, the PC is stable again.. Anyway, I installed those as well just to see if it made a difference and after, I wasn't using the PC for a bit and it went into sleep mode (windows balanced energy thing). It's a 145W 12c part, in no way at all comparable to a measly i5. Hi Guys! My i5 went with the boxed cooler basically to room temps (25-30°C). Switching to Windows Balanced will reduce idle by another 7W, not sure if that's worth it for losing some Zen2 features.2.) Then they run hot. I can work around this by enabling Windows Power Saver Power Plan, but this doesn't really solve the issue and I need to switch power plans when I am gaming, updating, etc. I still don't trust it 100% and have yet to test it with a game to see how it reacts. I would like someone that has a functional 3900x to pull the cpu and pull the cmos battery.