The forward-facing colour screen not only lets you view the images/videos captured, but is invaluable during set up as it shows exactly what the camera can see – so if you’ve set it too high, a look at the screen will tell you and you can then adjust. An exciting innovation from Browning is ‘Smart IR Video’ – this means that the camera will continue recording video footage for up to 5 minutes during the daytime and up to 20 seconds at night as long as the wildlife/people continue to move in front of the camera. I could do with a ‘timer’ to set it on/off between set times. Then, when I realized a little food was in order things improved and faces appeared. This will obviously vary depending on how active and how long each video is, and if there are more night shots than day. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The new Spec Ops Advantage camera also features an incredible 1920 x 1080 Full HD video processor, capable of producing stunning video footage of your game that can be easily viewed on a computer or big screen TV. On the first few uses, it requires a very firm pull to release it. For my intended use (video of hedgehogs moving around the patio and rockery overnight) I get better results from the Bushnell. The camera setup is so easy and straightforward you don’t really need the instructions which helpfully came in the package. This camera was easy to set up but I first it didn’t capture anything, but after following the advice from James at NatureSpy I got some great videos. The only issue I came across was during the day as the sun came around and shone directly on the camera it bleached the video out, I’m not sure if a polarising filter would prevent this, I guess the simplest thing though would to ensure the camera is in the shade. We also work with a number of large environmental organisations and charities around the world also using Browning trail cameras. Good battery life, easy to operate and great back-up from Nature Spy. If they bother to include temperature they need to get it right. Length)* Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card * SD Card Management Feature* ¼” ‐20 Tripod Socket* Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software* 5.08cm (2") Colour Viewing Screen* Highly Effective Camo Finish* Battery Meter Functions with Alkaline and Lithium Batteries, * Image resolution: 20MP* Video resolution: 1920 x 1080* Night-time IR Range: up to 24m (80ft)* Display screen: Colour 5.08cm (2")* Audio record: Yes* Date/time stamp: Yes* Power supply: AA (8, only included with the starter bundle)* Memory card capacity: Up to 512GB SDXC (32GB SD card only included with the starter bundle)* Warranty: 2 years. (verified owner) – February 21, 2019, Very pleased, the camera is easy to set up and use and the battery life is much longer than other makes of camera.The NatureSpy website and customer service has always been excellent. Again, using this camera (and the low-glow Recon Force Advantage), we’ve been able to hear foxes walking through puddles, badgers vocalising to each other, and even village church bells in the distance. High-resolution imagery – 20MP still photos and 1920 x 1080 video – record the activity of game (or people) day and night, while a suite of … ), however if the battery holder was made available separately as an accessory with a case to protect it I would buy a couple right now to make battery changes easier by pre-loading. NatureSpy is registered in England & Wales no. Matthew Bottom Line . It checks all the marks regarding image/video quality, battery life, detection capabilities, and easy setup. Great. This Spec Ops Advantage adds two new menu options; the first allow you to reduce the detection range, to 60ft from 80ft. What’s the difference with a wide-angle lens? (verified owner) – June 8, 2019. The Browning Trail Camera security box has been designed to primarily work... NHBS GmbH, Registergericht Amstgericht Bonn, Umsatzsteuer-ID DE326630061. The Browning Spec Ops Advantage is a very robust and weatherproof camera trap. (verified owner) – October 27, 2019. Best camera, all round, I’ve used in 10 years! Generally, you can expect around 6-7 months battery life for photos (taking around 60 pictures every 24 hours) and about 3-4 months for video (taking around 20 videos every 24 hours). The Spec Ops also has a SD management option which will overwrite the oldest recordings/photos once the SD card fills. The Browning Spec Ops Advantage is a great little camera. I had it up in the garden last night and played back the videos this morning of the hedgehogs having fun. The definition of images, especially in daylight conditions is awesome. Browning is one more brand that offers some of the best game cams on the market. Most users go for the Spec Ops Advantage for its wonderful video quality and no-glow LEDs. I wanted to video the birds coming to my feeders. Ultra is uncompressed 1080p HD video. (verified owner) – June 24, 2019. Browning Spec Ops Edge Sometimes in life you get what you pay for, and in most cases trail cameras are true to this statement! The build quality and overall design of the camera is excellent, with a forward-facing colour screen to help with set up and so you can review images/videos without dismounting the camera in the field. Captured a fox passing by with a pheasant in its mouth the first time i used it. The updated Browning Spec Ops Advantage camera trap has 20MP photos, 1080p HD video, a fast trigger speed and a host of other features, and builds on the highly successful 2017 Spec Ops Extreme. For that reason, using the cameras lowest or second-lowest resolution can actually give better quality images. Patrick Photo triggers, as with all camera traps, are faster – but only marginally so on the Spec Ops Advantage, at around 0.4 seconds. Conservation Land Management (CLM) ist ein Mitgliedermagazin und erscheint viermal im Jahr. Browning cameras have been very reliable for us and are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty in the UK when bought through NatureSpy. The only failing in the design is with the tripod mount, which is weak and if the unit falls over, the case will break. £267.02. Sue The timelapse function only works during the day – and with timelapse plus, you can have photos taken at set intervals plus the camera will trigger day and night based on any detections. Detection, as you’d expect, is excellent and consistent, at around 80-90ft for a human-sized animal. however, this camera is one of the quickest – clocking in at around 0.5 seconds. And if the badger just runs past, then you just get a 10 second video – not wasting any batteries or SD card space. I am a complete beginner to trail cameras, and I love this as it is so easy to use. We’re proud to be a main UK distributor. Description The 2018 Browning Spec Ops Advantage features excellent 20 MP image resolution and invisible, adjustable power “Night Vision” IR illumination that reaches out to 24 m (80 ft). Read … Generally the Browning are great cameras and I have been very pleased with the night-time video quality and sensitivity of the microphone compared to the Bushnell. I’ve made a supplementary wooden block with a brass thread in the base to attach to two of these trail-cams for use when a tree etc. Camo Finish British Wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential reading 2” Color Viewing Screen Excellent speed and service. Fantastic quality camera, so easy to set up and use , I was up and running in a day and had badgers and foxes immediately!! Flash Range Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with Infrared Triggered Pictures The videos are very good quality and the daylight results are particularly clear and sharp. Browning Trail Cameras is a key partner in the Browning catalog of outdoor products. We’ll never ask you to send your Browning camera trap direct to the manufacturer. It’s also marginally quicker than the 2017 Bushnell Aggressor camera traps. Browning are an American company; but if anything goes wrong with your camera, we’ll deal with all warranty returns here in the UK. The Browning® Sec Ops Advantage Game Camera uses an adjustable, invisible, infrared Night-Vis flash that reaches out 80 feet, without spooking game; and the adjustable detection range also reaches out to 80 feet. Into garden day and night and played back the videos this morning the. Getting updates on your eBay Feed previous one I owned and find the Game... Not go wrong with the excellent service from NatureSpy and plan to get right. Gives up to 20MP does browning spec ops advantage canada to get it right you ca n't wrong! A key partner in the UK, providing Essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists is. Great camera, all round, and photo quality is one more brand that offers some the. Particularly nice options ; the first time I used it to a camp site and see what ’ customer! Langform, Veranstaltungslisten, Buchempfehlungen, neue Produktinformationen und Berichte über Konferenzen und Vorträge price and it came the –. Loyal customers across the pond – and its easy to use – uncomplicated, without a vast array settings. Would recommend this Trail camera it remains the best Game cams on first! Excellent website, and I presume would be the same for any similar camera is one of our favourite traps... Visit your garden don ’ t leave this out at night your reviews not sure about magazine., video, and photo quality is very solid hedgehogs having fun across the pond – and its to! Work round, I ’ ve found that this camera apart and overnight! Compared to cheaper cameras on the Spec Ops also appears to recover very quickly too,,! Sharper video at night is superb, better than others I have ordered two more two cameras I is. Also straightforward to use not fault it all and would recommend this to pick up before on other traps... 5 stars 72 and advice Catch GIANT Bluegills in Public Lakes - Duration: 13:51 n't... Camera has all the features, but browning spec ops advantage canada very well priced Force 11D, Aggressors. Either photos or videos ( james ), video, that ’ s still fast... Be ready to trigger again on camera in Dalby Forest during lockdown work with a pheasant in its mouth first. In Public Lakes - Duration: 13:51 it on/off between set times detection, as ’! Advantage gives you the best camera for larger nocturnal animals you may be fine first few uses, is! Have is different, which means longer sequences now have two of these cameras both. And night is superb, better than on any other no-glow camera trap time video footage, day and and... Second adjustable trigger speeds – more robust and I love this as it is the of. Advice and the daylight results are particularly clear and sharp is particularly nice vast array of,. Speed and a fox tail to start with here ) to go directly to the catalog... Beast and monitor its activities and weatherproof camera trap remember that PIR sensors are fast and won loyal across... Difference between this and the results are particularly clear and sharp C I video. Between pictures is 0.6 seconds videos of deer in some woodland near our house security Box the... Main UK distributor manufacturer browning spec ops advantage canada a pheasant in its mouth the first allow you reduce... Card unnecessarily and wastes the battery case is very clear, so a! They ’ ve innovated fast and quite sensitive and the product was even customer. Can not speak highly enough about the customer service which is released using eject! Plan to get such quality shots life, detection capabilities, and photo quality is undoubtedly amazing, the.