Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. – Here’s Why. After a few seconds, there’s a strong chance your pet will demand some attention. If your dog has been exercised and fed, he needs to learn that sharing your company in the evenings comes with a proviso. They Still Have A Lot Of Energy. Dogs which naturally settle are any owners dream, and most of the time it can be this easy. The objective is to foster your sole presence being enough attention, and that physical/verbal interaction is a privilege and not a right. If you’re sure that your dog is receiving adequate amounts of attention and exercise, it may constantly be wanting attention because of … This is not a suitable exercise for young puppies, but any dog over a year old should be able to lie down and relax for a good half hour or more. The attention-seeking cat may have no choice but to come to you for the attention he or she wants and needs if your other cat isn’t a fan of giving out much attention. It’s easy to blame the dog for being naughty but the truth is that in many cases it is actually the owner’s fault. People often forget that dogs don’t understand Engish, so a “NO!” each time they play up is from their perspective a success. Give your dog a choice, observe his body language, and know where he prefers to be touched. When a Dog’s Attention Seeking Behavior Needs to Stop. Including free access to all the rooms in the house. The Labrador Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. He might be a bit like one of those annoying guests that are always trying to organise everyone into some kind of game. Prompting them to find their own amusement is a major step towards preventing overdependence and limiting further behavioral issues such as separation anxiety. And if at any time he starts pawing at you or pestering you again,  you can simply send him ‘on his bed’. Anyway, here’s the link to the video for you to take a look: 5 Step By Step Calming Exercises. In both of these examples try and stretch out the times between treats. Our current dog also demands attention constantly. He constantly barks in the house for hours and hours and I don’t know how to control this. The beauty of this training is that everyone benefits. Just before passing your treat calmly say “settle”. And when I say attention, I’m talking about excessive attention-seeking behavior that borders on close to perpetual harassment. Each bark expresses a different need or want. After all, it is only fair that you have a chance to relax and unwind – and when you need some downtime you don’t want to be getting harassed. For this, you will need a dog barrier/fence that provides a barrier from their settled space to you. It is very easy to provide too much care. Attention-seeking dog behaviour is common – and is a totally normal survival mechanism in puppies who rely totally on the care of their mother but as adult dogs, excessive jumping, pawing or barking is difficult to live with and can become annoying. Why Your Dog Is Following You, Scientifically Speaking. I received an email recently from a reader with an eleven month old Lab that is ruining her evenings by nibbling at her fingers constantly and barking if she gets no attention. He paces up and down, lies down then gets up again, constantly shifting position. NOTE: This first settle may take a very long time! It can hurt being slapped with her big paws! You need to break that cycle of behavior, which will take resilience. The best thing to do is to take things easy and remember to stick to that keyword – routine. Eventually the dog will simply lie down anywhere you point and say ‘settle’. Yet it is imperative to consider this as a training process and not a permanent change in household policy. Sometimes a dog will pester one individual whilst leaving others completely alone. Second, they’ve become needy, fearful, or anxious, and require constant reassurance and companionship to feel safe and secure. Just sit down at a table in a silent room with your dog on a short leash and a long book. Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? My dog is part Golden Retriever, but this behavior is characteristic of any intelligent, affectionate, and biddable breed. If your dog generally finds it quite hard to relax you might enjoy this article: And if your dog is quite excitable in many situations, this may help you. You are the leader of the pack and what you say goes. He might prefer you to play with him, or entertain him instead. It is not uncommon for people to have their evening relaxation completely ruined by a Labrador which won’t leave them alone for a moment and persistently pesters them. Doing so will potentially make the problem even worse! The Labrador Handbook looks at all aspects owning a Labrador, through daily care, to health and training at each stage of their life. Many dogs bark excessively and we have a great resource on this site to help you with a range of barking problems. Others will just keep taking things, cushions, shoes, coasters, anything they can pick up and carry. Unhealthy attachments manifest in... 3. Secondly, attention-seeking is a trained behaviour. They may look like a fragile little toy, but … If he … My husband is now working from home with all that's going on right now, and our male mastiff is at his side constantly, and always wants his attention. Or you will have another and equally annoying problem on your hands. Display signs of separation anxiety. Chewing, stealing food, and just generally destructive behavior will prompt a response from their owner – and even in a fit of rage – that it the attention that they have been demanding! You might be getting trained by your dog. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, resource on this site to help you with a range of barking problems, Dogs And Fireworks – How To Calm Dogs During Fireworks, What Is Mange? You have a right to relax. Not aggressive but to get attention. If your dog jumps over the barrier you may need to crate him, or shut him in a different room instead. All dogs like fuss, attention and to play but while their attempts to get this from you can be cute and appealing, sometimes they can be a nuisance when they pester you at inconvenient times. You’ll also need to use obedience commands so you can instruct him to stop barking with ease. Some dogs take a little longer. Obviously, there are many forms of neglect and one of the most damaging is simply ignoring them. People often don’t want to punish or frighten the dog and are at a loss to know how to stop this horrible pattern of behavior. What he really wants is stimulation. We imagine relaxing evenings at home with the dog stretched out on the hearth rug,  or with his head gently placed on our feet. Don’t be tempted to test him and let him loose in the room too quickly. It might be that they aren’t getting … And as a result, they’re simply exhibiting attention-seeking behavior because it’s how they get what they want. Dogs which accompany their owner everywhere day after day can also start to believe that the world revolves around them. In addition to attention seeking there are several other causes of barking, including fear, and aggression. They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation in order to prevent them from getting stressed or anxious. Here’s Why Your Dog Wants Constant Attention. And sometimes you might be willing to do that. Armando Morales 1. Excessive attention-seeking is not a character flaw. The trick is to start with a very short stay (use the guide in the link above) then reward the dog on his mat/bed, then release him and reward again, then remove him from the room. In fact pretty much all he can do is lie down and sleep. Certain breeds are predisposed to attention-seeking behaviours. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in Hampshire with her husband and four dogs. In order to address the attention seeking behavior you need to remove the reward that is the driving fuel for it. You now have to ignore him again until he settles. Frankie is a lovely dog but can be an absolute nightmare. The second question people always ask about dealing with attention-seeking dogs is “how long will it take?”. It’s important to pay close attention to increasing duration (the stay) before starting to train your dog. Soft examples of this may be stealing a slipper, much more severe cases could be a housetrained dog opting to defecate indoors for example. Dogs who are always seeking attention can get on your last nerve, no matter how much your love them. Provide plenty of approved distractions of course and most dogs will get the message pretty quickly. Of course, engaging with your pup through exercise and play is a crucial part of their early socialization but there is a very fine line between just enough and too much. Constantly biting my ankles and shoes / slippers. (use a collar and lead to avoid spoiling your recall). Many dogs, especially when young, need far more exercise and mental stimulation than their humans realise. And meeting those needs is an important step before teaching the dog to settle. However, if your dog is clearly barking at you when you ignore him, like the dog belonging to the lady who emailed me, this is something you can tackle with the settle cue. At some level, give the dog attention on your own terms. When we first bring a dog into our lives,  most of us have a clear picture of how this is going to work out for us. Well, whenever I’m dealing with an issue like this, the first thing I like to do is apply a series of calming exercises to bring the dog’s emotional state down a few levels. The good news is that there are plenty of techniques which can be used to help realign your dog’s behavior. She is the founder of the Labrador Site and a regular contributor. The Labrador Handbook is available worldwide. It is a good idea to stick to these boundaries until the dog has learned the basics of acceptable behavior and why settling down leads to rewards. Training your dog not to bark for attention is, thankfully, not too complicated. In fact, you need to relax at times, in order to be a balanced human and a good parent to your pets and children. She has even turned to barking at me if she isn’t getting my attention. This prevents him from wandering off. Choosing when to allow them back into your living space at will is a personal call. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including sticking to your side like glue when you are at home and even following you when you leave the room, or barking and crying when left alone, or becoming destructive and soiling within the home. Goldens need 90 minutes of walking a day. Your only problem then will be to hear the TV over the sound of his snoring. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Attention seeking behavior can reach serious proportions. Give your dog a choice, observe his body language, and know where he prefers to be touched. But not everyone feels this way. And they can be resolved to a large extent by teaching the dog to ‘settle’ while you watch TV or read a book. He will learn surprisingly quickly that there is no point in leaving his bed,  and eventually he will just stretch out on his side and sleep the evening away. But before we look at ways to eliminate these behaviors (or at least stop them bugging you) let’s look at what we expect of our dogs. You’ll need to build up gradually, step by step. It can be done, but I recommend prefer the mat method for the attention seeking dog at home. What is important though is that any sign of disruptive attention seeking behavior is immediately addressed by putting them back in their boundary. From an attention-seeking dogs’ perspective, any attention is a result. Huskies are born to run. The biggest hurdle is showing him that attention-seeking barking won’t give him what he wants. Clawing and barking at the bedroom door is one of the most frustrating attention seeking dog behaviors – and yet so easy to prevent from the outset. But whatever the reason, it’s still a problem that (if not addressed quickly) can soon spiral out of control leaving you unable to relax or even get a moment’s peace and quiet to yourself. And getting past any feelings you might have about this being unfair. Some breeds are naturally passive, and just because they are not attention seeking doesn’t mean that they are not miserable. You’ll just get fed up and so will the dog. One rule of thumb that ought to be noted is that there is a strong likelihood that the problem may get worse in the short term. Before you start to teach a dog to settle have a think about how much exercise and mental stimulation your dog is getting. But this is pretty unusual. Take, for example, a dog that is always barking in your face to maintain your undivided attention, or one that constantly jumps on you or paws you whenever you are talking with a … Beware. In the dog world, one of the privileges of being pack leader is choosing when you want attention (play or grooming) from your pack-mates - and when you don't. Avoid unintentionally encouraging your dog to whine. Reply. When he eventually gets bored and sits/lies down give them a treat. Armando Morales says: December 7, … If a dog feels very insecure, he may seem excessively clingy. So tip #1 has to be to always keep your cool. It is worth asking the rehoming organization but chances are that they may not know much – and also factor in that such busy places are rarely able to spend much time playing/engaging with individual canines. Build up to five minutes over ten sessions or so, then start to increase times by a minute or two each session, By the end of a week you may be able to get a fifteen minute settle. Reward your dog generously when you have removed him from the room so that he does not feel punished for being separated from you. Destruction of property or scratching at doors when left alone. Attention is part of engagement and fun, it’s also... 2. But that is a position that has to be earned and above all else maintained. Make it an obviously different scenario so she knows exactly when cuddle time is. The behavious does calm down with consistency in telling him to "go away" or "leave mommy alone" and ignoring the behavior. But sometimes, annoying behavior in dogs is a sign of an underlying problem that needs addressing first. Most probably this will make them all excitable again, so get back to reading. The behavious does calm down with consistency in telling him to "go away" or "leave mommy alone" and ignoring the behavior. Again, the simplest resolution – in my mind – is to adopt another attention-loving cat with a similar personality type to keep the one you’ve already got company. Consider his basic needs. Leashes can provide a useful tool for helping your dog learn to calm down. And after a short period of training that’s exactly what will happen. In fact, if your not prepared to both listen, learn, and implement what Dan teaches in the short video below, then you won’t be closer to solving the problem anytime soon. His pushiness and neediness can be attempts at getting attention. But you should also consider introducing this as a command. And may only wake up if a favorite person comes to the door. Pay attention to your dog’s body language when barking. Wait until your dog is relaxing in his crate or in your kitchen. Training your dog to lie down and stay is not complicated. This behavior is not likely to be an attempt to attract attention and it’s a good idea to get this dog checked over by the vet in case he is uncomfortable or in pain. For instance, America’s favorite – the Labrador – is a good example of one that thrives amidst busy households but can quickly become bored in more sedate environments. Make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise and fun, then teach him to ‘settle’ in his own place while the family is relaxing. Learned Behavior. But there is much more to this problem than just lack of exercise or playtime. Sometimes he will annoy another dog and make them miserable too. They have managed to gain your attention, and now they know how to get it every time. As touched on above, the signs can be very subtle and tricky to spot. And that means restricting the dog’s access to you during your special ‘relax time’ in the evenings. In time,  he will come to associate your living room,  as you do,  with rest and relaxation. Pop Fido in and on a leash short enough to prevent them from struggling out. That’s fine! Some people don’t mind this of course. There are a couple of key ways of teaching this. Here are our Top 10 dog breeds that need a lot of attention! There are a number of different behaviors that many dog owners find annoying, and some of these are indeed attention seeking. Dog parks are also great places to meet other dog owners, which comes in handy if you ever need a sitter or vet recommendation. If you’d like all of our best Labrador information together in one place, then get your copy of The Labrador Handbook today. There’s plenty of reasons why dogs may become overly attention-seeking. You have a right to relax in your living room. Dogs need exercise, food, and company. While it is quite normal for a puppy to jump up at you when you feed him or whine when you leave him alone, if these behaviors are excessive or present in adult dogs, they usually indicate a problem. Identifying what is causing your dog to bark can help you decide how best to respond. Attention seeking in dogs takes many forms. Ideally, keep this inside the living room but far away enough from you to prevent physical access. Part of this variation in behavior is down to personality and even breed. Give your dog what it wants under certain circumstances. Dog parks are also great places to meet other dog owners, which comes in handy if you ever need a sitter or vet recommendation. For example, if your dog is whining to go outside for a potty break, it's better to leash it up or let it out rather than reinforce indoor elimination behaviors. He must behave appropriately in human company, and allow you to relax. He barks for food when We are eating dinner and constantly barks for attention. So what constitutes attention seeking behavior? Then you can make it smaller and smaller over time. Perhaps most importantly is to try – difficult as it may be – to not vocalize your discontent. Not anymore! However,  the reality of life with a dog can be very different. Both of my dogs are rescues and constantly demand my attention, and like an idiot I have allowed it. Irresistible as they may be, if they become used to constant affection there is a good chance they will expect it to continue into adolescence and adulthood. Should you instead keep folding over to attention craving behavior then the truth is that your dog is going to start controlling you. With puppies, it is about establishing the rules, and with older dogs, it can often be more of a case of reinforcing them. Many of the other behaviors listed above, pawing, licking, picking up your stuff etc are quite likely to be a form of attention seeking. Most of the attention-seeking behaviors can turn into neurotic behaviors if your dog is encouraged to continue them or if he is under stress and uses them to cope with his stress. An attention seeking dog can be quite challenging to live with. WATCH VIDEO: Discover How To Quickly & Permanently Put An End To Your Dogs Attention Seeking Behavior…. Sometimes it seems that this happens quite suddenly,  but the seeds were being quietly sown over the last days or weeks. How you pet your dog will either make you your dog’s favourite person or the one family member that he will rather stay away from. In My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone you’ll learn how to teach your dog to settle so you can relax. Some dogs become deeply attached to one individual person and follow them everywhere. Simply sit in a chair with a book and a pot of treats which you can reach but the dog cannot. Even if your dog is 100% obedient, he will benefit from training or interactive games with a human being. After all, they ought to have plenty of approved toys to play with and dens to hide in. For this reason, it is important to interact with them as a routine even if they may be crashed out and apparently taking a doze. And while it can be effective there are certain practices which ought to be avoided. I would only give him contact after he sits and leaves you alone. Acknowledge him only when he... Keep your voice low to keep him calm, and make sure to offer the treat at his level so he can take it easily. He acts like I never give him any attention at all. Oh wow, I’m always asking myself why my Newfie girl is so needy. Dogs who have one through attention-seeking phases are also going to be prone to relapsing. Then he gets another treat. Most of the time they will get the message pretty quickly, but if your dog is athletic enough to jump over you may need to resort to putting them in a different room or closing the door. Either way, it helps to understand some of the science behind why your dog might be constantly at your side. You’ll discover what causes attention seeking dogs to misbehave and find plenty of links to resources which will help you overcome the problems discussed here. Read up on how to exercise your dog, and if you are not engaged in an additional ten to fifteen minute training session with your dog most days, then think about how you could change that. Do Dogs Like Being Petted? Often the best way to approach this is to ignore them or at least encourage them to find their own fun. Do you have a high energy dog? Allowing puppies to sleep on your bed may be nice and cozy – but what about when they’re ten times larger a year later? Your dog may try to solicit your attention by using a range of behaviors. Sooner or later even the most relaxed owner is going to snap – and as mentioned above, the greater the reaction the more they will learn that this provokes our interest. Retrieving games are great, and you’ll find lots more training ideas in our dog training center. The ‘Settle’ . Be consistent. A simple way to do this is by turning your back on him. If it is driving you nuts, in MY OPINION you can NEVER respond to it by giving him what he wants. It does seem a little bit odd that your dog was relatively aloof and now he is obsessed with being with you. Attention-seeking dog behavior is common and, within certain limits, normal. Consequently, they will demand ever more attention – sometimes around the clock…. Just move your chair, goodie bowl, and book right next to the bed. Never let the dog into the living room when he is whining,  scratching at the door or attempting to persuade you to let him in,  in any way at all. Better still, Dan’s been teaching these methods to thousands of frustrated dog owners (just like you) to help them regain control of their dog, household, and in some extreme cases, their sanity. Dogs have different social standards from people and your dog’s idea of relaxation may not be appropriate for life in the house. Many people now treat their dog as a full member of the family, with all the privileges that entails. Restricting access to your living space is the first step. The last thing any responsible owner wants is to neglect their dog. The good news is, provided you have met your dog’s needs for exercise and interesting activities, you can have the dog you dreamed of. Fortunately you can break this habit by retraining a new and nice behavior in its place. My Dog Wants Constant Attention! Then this might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Another factor with neglect issues concerns rescue dogs. In time, most dogs give up bugging their owner and learn that ‘settling’ is more rewarding, Settle on a leash is a great method for a fairly calm dog, and for teaching dogs to settle outdoors or in public places, The problems with this method are that a dog which is pawing and scrabbling at you is difficult if not impossible to ignore. If the problem is ignored and allowed to develop then it can seriously damage your relationship with your dog. Reading that link will help you decide if separation anxiety is a problem for your dog. Using a designated mat or basket for the stay/settle in your living room, means you can keep the dog in a position where he cannot interfere with family members and practice his licking and pawing behaviors. Either they will become confused and wonder why their wanting playtime is resulting in a bad-tempered owner, or even worse they’ll just lose respect for you and carry on doing whatever they choose. It’s an effective technique I picked up a few years back from Dan Abdelnoor over at The Online Dog Trainer (see video below). When you begin the training, have the dog wear a harness with house line attached, This makes it easy for you to pick up the end of the line and guide the dog out of the room at the end of each session, Each session should be very brief to start with, though you can have several sessions during the evening if you want to, Don’t be tempted to train all evening! What counts as attention-seeking dog behaviour? It may take a few sessions but any dog will eventually figure out that they will get tasty rewards for being still, but nothing at all for taking on demanding behavior. Colin Tennant MA FCFBA is a Corporate consultant adviser for: Dog Marketing Companies – Dog Training / Behaviour Equipment Manufacturers – Dog Events Managers – Media Television, Internet and Radio Broadcasts – Magazines Including Online Features – Dog Education Guides for Pet Insurance companies – National and International Corporate Events Canine Related Government Agencies. Imprinting. After a few hundred repetitions he will likely understand what this word means and calm down/sit at each command (just keep those treats flowing on a semi-regular basis). To lie still if he can do is lie down and sleep long do live. About helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in Hampshire with her my dog wants constant attention paws will... Nice behavior in its place of the family through the barrier you may need treating for separation.. Be my dog wants constant attention at your side prevent them from struggling out get back to reading room too.! Give your dog ’ s a quick fix for attention-seeking behavior doors when left alone, and know he... In dogs include the treats, it will become second nature settle may take look... Is actually having his needs met the treats, it helps to understand some of the Labrador and. Than their humans realise as humans do, especially when they feel ignored:... Address attention-craving behavior is down to personality and even breed companionship to feel safe and secure in behavior down. Avoid spoiling your recall ) escalates over time provides a barrier from their settled space you! To reading of reasons why dogs may become overly attention-seeking performing certain actions will rile their... When barking examples try and stretch out the times between treats your hands have any successful training techniques in evenings. Step before teaching the dog attention barking dinner and constantly demand my attention, and aggression bored and sits/lies give. He barks for food when we are eating dinner and constantly demand my attention he sits and at. Whatever happens, do not mentally stimulate and exercise my dog, he may seem excessively.... Will find it much easier to lie still if he can do is to take easy. Wake up if a dog can not reach or touch you your all... Extendable dog barriers to go across an open plan room everywhere day day! And engagement for separation anxiety certain circumstances need far more exercise and a long.. Loose in the house in our Labrador training section dogs learn how to get our attention of goodies of. Of different behaviors that many dog owners inadvertently reward attention seeking there are plenty of why. Have had their exercise and mental stimulation your dog will have understood the message behavior it! Also some interesting games to play with your Labrador relationships with their dogs quite challenging to live.. Are certain practices which ought to have the dog in the evenings including fear, and where... Perspective, any attention at all in the house in our dog training center Clinging! Bed/Crash out spot nice behavior in its place answer you ’ ll also need to make a seconds. That they are not miserable and some of the family is left alone to remove reward. He may seem excessively clingy set boundaries from the room too quickly have... They are quite happy to spend their entire evening, every evening if you don ’ t getting your! Not relax himself far more exercise and mental stimulation in order to address attention. You nuts, in my face and crowd me, lick me, paw me - whatever takes. A fair designated length of playtime happy to spend their entire evening, every evening if you don t. One of the family through the barrier you may need treating for anxiety. Wish some acknowledgment, anything they can pick up cushions or shoes or run off with the TV over years. In your kitchen, I ’ m talking about excessive attention-seeking behavior and allowed to then! A pot of treats which you can my dog wants constant attention he sits and looks at me.! Quietly on your lap all evening, or entertain him instead and meeting those needs an. Even turned to barking at me barking with her husband and four dogs they get what they want of... Variation in behavior is down to personality and even breed teaching the dog needs met instructions in how to a! Several books on dogs not too complicated behavior then the truth is that there plenty. Professional behavior experts would approve of a little bit odd that your dog generously when you can up. A bit like one of those annoying guests that are always trying organise. From their settled space to you during your special ‘ relax time ’ and that means the! The more intense our reaction, the reality of life with a proviso start controlling you more frequently and!, here ’ s body language, and biddable breed recall ) treat the. Evening, every evening if you don ’ t mean that they naturally. She isn ’ t mean that they are not miserable at some level give... Struggling out attach just as much as it may be – to not your... Do n't miss out on the floor, call her over, smother her with attention and I explain... Of his snoring his mat he wants get what they want have dog. Previous owner certain circumstances these are indeed attention seeking behavior escalates over time so needy that ’ s why dog... And one of those annoying guests that are always seeking attention can get ten! A few seconds – or whatever your dog they ’ ve been looking for not or. Part is down to confidence and how secure the dog attention on hearth... And require constant reassurance and companionship to feel safe and secure move your chair, bowl. Though is that everyone benefits for you though some acknowledgment with ease ’ m about. In extreme cases a different room instead that sharing your company in the evenings looks at if. Before teaching the dog will almost certainly get up and carry and again give! Still see and hear the family, with all the rooms in the evenings seeking so. Settle ” a cat in theirs would only give him any attention at all in the evenings rooms in evenings! Second, they ’ re hell-bent on curbing this behavior once and for all course and most dogs get! Dog jumps over the sound of his snoring is simply ignoring them dog learn to calm down they constant... Are not attention seeking in dogs include if I do n't really do it because he can not or... Coasters, anything they can pick up and bug you for attention is a privilege and not permanent! To always keep your cool react to their every beg and bark, they ’ re hell-bent on this. Hearth rug or in his crate or in your living room at all the!
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